Video Tutorials

Liquid Staking Derivatives & ROAR as Collateral

Learn about how to utilize your ROAR through ampROAR, the liquid staking derivative brought to you by Eris Protocol. Then use your ampROAR as collateral to lend USDC on the money market.

Eris Protocol AMP Governance

The Lion DAO Terra validator has been added to the Eris Protocol validator set. In order to receive delegations from Eris protocol we need votes from vAMP holders. Users can get vAMP power by locking ampLUNA in Eris Protocol for 3 weeks – 2 years and decide which validators are delegated LUNA in the Eris vault but also decide how Eris votes on Terra Governance proposals.

DEX Aggregators

Learn how to use DEX Aggregators on Terra to get maximum value when trading! Featuring &

Eris Protocol Arb Vault

Learn about Lion DAO’s strategy to use Eris Protocol Arb Vault to build our treasury, plus how you could participate yourself in this strategy.