NFT DAO Council

pixeLions NFT

DAO Council

A small DAO council has been organized to discuss and implement minor/housekeeping changes without the need to go through general governance procedures.

Enterprise Protocol has provided the following (limited) abilities to the DAO Council members:

  • Upgrade DAO
  • Update Metadata
  • Update NFT/Asset Whitelist
RyanLion pixeLions NFT


RyanLion is a well known, long term member of the LUNAtics community. Having found Terra initially in early 2021, Ryan became popular for his unique mixture of educational content, probing questions & inappropriate memes. In January 2022 Ryan joined Prism Protocol as Operations Lead and helped drive the derivatives protocol to an $800M TVL at peak (until everything was ruined by the UST crash).

When Enterprise Protocol was launched in 2023 Ryan saw the opportunity to help rebuild some community spirit on Terra and founded Lion DAO. As the DAO goes from strength to strength, Ryan is consistently working behind the scenes to build relationships, initiate DeFi strategies & do everything he can to continue the DAO’s rapid expansion. 

Since its inception, RyanLion’s core vision for Lion DAO has been to shine a light on the limitless potential of the Terra Ecosystem, showcase the wide variety of DeFi strategies it offers and – perhaps most importantly – restore the sense of community and fun that drew us all together here in the first place!

MrMohawk pixeLions NFT


MrMohawk is the Founder and President of Caliber Capital Group – a web3 marketing and consulting agency focused on providing sustainable assets for the devout builder in the Space. He has participated in a wide variety of projects in the crypto space over the years, which inspired him to try and create something to fill the void in the marketing sector he believes the space desperately needs. 

He has utilized his marketing skills and industry connections to shout Lion DAO’s vision from the rooftops, massively helping advance the DAO’s goal of restoring life and fun to the Terra ecosystem.

keeks pixeLions NFT


Keeks, provided the artistic vision behind he LionDAO NFT collection, which pays homage to the 16-Bit PixelArt styles of the early 90s. Getting rekt inspired Keeks to take up PixelArt as an alternative hobby. His journey into web3 as creator was sparked by the opportunity to showcase his PixelArt animations on KujiKast and contribute special traits to the KUJIRANS NFT collection.

Initially only volunteering to provide concepts and design briefs for a modest, token of participation NFTs, Keeks got swept up by the LionDAO Team’s ability to deliver. The result? The creation of the pixeLions as a debut collection in record time, featuring over 120 unique traits across six categories and infused with delightful easter eggs, referencing the shared experiences of LUNAtics.

Kiruse pixeLions NFT


Our in-house Dev Lead who specializes in CosmWasm development. She has poured endless hours of work into working our Enterprise DAO treasury utilization code and allowed LionDAO to execute on the DeFi strategies explained above. She has played a crucial role in the development of the LionDAO NFT collection’s script development.

On top of that, she has taken on a community role to answer questions and tickets that are geared towards the tech involved with LionDAO.

speerbot pixeLions NFT


SPEERBOT (who surprisingly is only half bot) is a fellow Mufasadmin who has created our website and set social media ablaze with his HEAR ME $ROAR PFPs that were a fundamental part of the organic social media campaigns that launched Lion DAO and the $ROAR token. The brand recognition behind LionDAO all started with these PFPs.

Since then, if you have seen the art for collabs/partnerships, Discord/Telegram stickers, or any other LionDAO based art aside from the NFTs, then you’re familiar with SPEERBOT’s work.